In memory of Renato Morandi

Over the past 30 years italian maritime and port industries benefited of a perceptive protagonist with uncommon entrepreneurial qualities, Mr Renato Morandi. President of F.lli Morandi & C., enlightened and innovative, he significantly contributed to the growth and revitalization of Ancona seaport, being for a long time President of the Association of Shipping Agents and Freight forwarders and member of the Port Committee.

  • Renato Morandi’s passion for the maritime and port industry finds its origins in the family history with his grandfather Gustavo, who founded the Morandi Company in 1913 and with his father Corrado, great post-war entrepreneur. Renato Morandi was already working in the company at the age of 20 and immediately showed great personality and strong entrepreneurial skills in giving strong impetus, through his own activity, also to the development of the Port of Ancona and the connections in the Mediterranean.
  • Acting in the public interest has always been part of his global vision of doing business, indeed in the purpose of ensuring a steady growth of the Port of Ancona, making it more modern and accessible at international level, Renato Morandi developed first “Maugeri Trasporti”, a company specialized in the container roadtransport and then “ASE (Adriatic Service Enterprise)” dedicated to port services as terminal operator.
  • Renato Morandi keeps on expanding family business with another shipping company Maritransport then becoming Ancona Agent of the MSC Company of Gianluigi Aponte.
  • In 1994 he dealt with a new challenge. Expanding further in the shipping, cargo and passengers industry he got to manage Superfast Ferries in Italy, a company that turned around Italy-Greece connections by reducing the journey from 36 to 19 hours and renewing the market standard with state-of-the-art vessels. Therefore a significant change in the history of Mediterranean crossing. Great intuitive skills, clever customer care policy supported by an innovative communication strategy in the Italian market, those are the key elements of Renato Morandi’s contribution to the success of Superfast Ferries in Italy. F.lli Morandi & C. is the General Sales Agent and representative of Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries in Italy.
  • In 2005 Renato Morandi introduced a new business activity in the tourism sector with the creation of the tour operator Webtours, in collaboration with Superfast Ferries, thus creating a new market niche offering mini-cruises in the Adriatic Sea.
  • In 2013 F.lli Morandi & C. celebrates 100 years in business. Chiara and Andrea, active since time in the Group, together with their staff and closest collaborators will continue to grow following Renato Morandi’s way, based on resourcefulness, entrepreneurial and managerial skills coupled with an immoderate passion for the maritime world.